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Edinburgh, Scotland


Tree: 15sep

Latitude: 55.9442241, Longitude: -3.2009636


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 David I. King of Scotland  1085Edinburgh, Scotland I14158 15sep 
2 Baillie, Jane  1507Edinburgh, Scotland I34483 15sep 
3 Campbell, Mary  1685Edinburgh, Scotland I31478 15sep 
4 Cooper, William Lord Cowper Coupare  1400Edinburgh, Scotland I24354 15sep 
5 Crichton, Douglas  1381Edinburgh, Scotland I25953 15sep 
6 Crichton, Elizabeth  1390Edinburgh, Scotland I25959 15sep 
7 Crichton, Isobell  1500Edinburgh, Scotland I27775 15sep 
8 Crichton, John  1278Edinburgh, Scotland I26277 15sep 
9 Crichton of Cairns, Stephen  1334Edinburgh, Scotland I25876 15sep 
10 d'Avenel, Isabel  1143Edinburgh, Scotland I14372 15sep 
11 de Crichton, John  1330Edinburgh, Scotland I26014 15sep 
12 de Moravia, Kersdale  1130Edinburgh, Scotland I28599 15sep 
13 Doune, James II Erskine  22 May 1531Edinburgh, Scotland I36120 15sep 
14 Dunbar, James 4th Earl of Moray  1399Edinburgh, Scotland I34641 15sep 
15 Erskine, Deborah  1440Edinburgh, Scotland I25721 15sep 
16 Fraser, Jane  1612Edinburgh, Scotland I35097 15sep 
17 Gillis, Margaret  13 Dec 1773Edinburgh, Scotland I35070 15sep 
18 Gremislaw, Christina  1355Edinburgh, Scotland I26085 15sep 
19 Heggine, Katherine  1449Edinburgh, Scotland I25938 15sep 
20 Hepburn, William Lord Bothwell  1445Edinburgh, Scotland I25872 15sep 
21 Hill, James Cornat I.  1501Edinburgh, Scotland I27787 15sep 
22 Keith, Agnes  14 Jul 1530Edinburgh, Scotland I36611 15sep 
23 mac Ruaridh, Findlaech Mormaer of Moray  975Edinburgh, Scotland I26536 15sep 
24 Maitland, Margaret Agnes  1385Edinburgh, Scotland I34285 15sep 
25 Murray, Elizabeth  1460Edinburgh, Scotland I25815 15sep 
26 Patrick, Hugh H.  1678Edinburgh, Scotland I31268 15sep 
27 Patrick, Robert  1705Edinburgh, Scotland I31395 15sep 
28 Seton, John Lord Pitmedden  1609Edinburgh, Scotland I37189 15sep 
29 Sinclair, Margaret Heiress Of Deskford and Findlater  1422Edinburgh, Scotland I34258 15sep 
30 Stewart, James 1st Earl of Moray  Abt 1499 OR 10 Apr 1499Edinburgh, Scotland I36632 15sep 
31 Stewart, Margaret Countess Erroll  18 Apr 1569Edinburgh, Scotland I33685 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Margaret Aetheling  16 Nov 1093Edinburgh, Scotland I7948 15sep 
2 Campbell, Dorothea Marjorie  Edinburgh, Scotland I34607 15sep 
3 Campbell, Mary  1744Edinburgh, Scotland I31478 15sep 
4 Cowper, John Deol  1470Edinburgh, Scotland I24351 15sep 
5 Crichton, Douglas  1381Edinburgh, Scotland I25953 15sep 
6 Crichton, Isobell  1550Edinburgh, Scotland I27775 15sep 
7 de Guise, Marie  11 Jun 1560Edinburgh, Scotland I12817 15sep 
8 Douglas of Drumlanrig, Janet  1551Edinburgh, Scotland I35118 15sep 
9 Forbes, William Church of St. Giles  Abt 1500Edinburgh, Scotland I34550 15sep 
10 Galloway, Fergus De  12 May 1161Edinburgh, Scotland I22724 15sep 
11 Hepburn, William Lord Bothwell  1515Edinburgh, Scotland I25872 15sep 
12 Keith, Agnes  16 Jul 1588Edinburgh, Scotland I36611 15sep 
13 Logan, Robert 1st Baron of Restairg  Edinburgh, Scotland I19823 15sep 
14 MacDONALD, Angus Og  Jul 1615Edinburgh, Scotland I36448 15sep 
15 MacKenzie, Isobel of Kilcoy  18 Feb 1714Edinburgh, Scotland I33758 15sep 
16 MacLean, 11th Clan Chief of MacLean Lachlan Cattanach 11th Chief of Maclean  10 Nov 1523Edinburgh, Scotland I36515 15sep 
17 Maxwell, John 4th Baron Herries of Terregles  20 Jan 1583Edinburgh, Scotland I35105 15sep 
18 Maxwell, Margaret of Lothian  8 Jan 1617Edinburgh, Scotland I35107 15sep 
19 Napier, Jeanette  1512Edinburgh, Scotland I34006 15sep 
20 Patrick, Hugh H.  24 Nov 1704Edinburgh, Scotland I31268 15sep 
21 Ros, Isabella de  1334Edinburgh, Scotland I25949 15sep 
22 Seton, John Lord Pitmedden  18 Jun 1649Edinburgh, Scotland I37189 15sep 
23 Stewart, Christina  30 May 1530Edinburgh, Scotland I33981 15sep 
24 Stewart, Margaret Ochiltree  3 Sep 1616Edinburgh, Scotland I33654 15sep 
25 Stewart, sir Walter Earl of Atholl, Baron of Brechin  26 Mar 1437Edinburgh, Scotland I35164 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sybilla  14 Aug 1040Edinburgh, Scotland I3856 15sep 
2 Balfour, Margaret Countess Morton  Edinburgh, Scotland I25792 15sep 
3 Bjornsdottir, Suthen  1040Edinburgh, Scotland I36310 15sep 
4 Crichton, Isobell  1550Edinburgh, Scotland I27775 15sep 
5 Forrester, sir John Lord of Corstorphine,  1454Edinburgh, Scotland I19797 15sep 
6 Joseph, Elizabeth  Edinburgh, Scotland I21262 15sep 
7 Le Fleming, Michael Erchenbaldus  1140Edinburgh, Scotland I14767 15sep 
8 Maxwell, John  1583Edinburgh, Scotland I35142 15sep 
9 Napier, Alexander 2nd Laird of Merchiston  Edinburgh, Scotland I34209 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Douglas, Sir Archibald Earl of Douglas and Wigtown, Lord of Galloway, Douglas and Bothwell  From 1361 to 1364Edinburgh, Scotland I42953 15sep 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Buchanan / Beauchamp of Warwick  9 Feb 1785Edinburgh, Scotland F15957 15sep 
2 Crichton / Erskine  1460Edinburgh, Scotland F11676 15sep 
3 Crichton / Garvie  17 Mar 1857Edinburgh, Scotland F11789 15sep 
4 Crichton of Cairns / Cairns  1380Edinburgh, Scotland F11770 15sep 
5 De Crichton /   1301Edinburgh, Scotland F17706 15sep 
6 Hepburn / Heggine  1475Edinburgh, Scotland F11767 15sep 
7 Hepburn / Malwyn  1449Edinburgh, Scotland F11749 15sep 
8 Hill / Crichton  1520Edinburgh, Scotland F12484 15sep 
9 Patrick / Campbell  24 Nov 1704Edinburgh, Scotland F13854 15sep 
10 Sinclair / Sutherland  Abt 1518Edinburgh, Scotland F14933 15sep