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Forfar, Angus, Scotland


Tree: 15sep

Latitude: 56.6387153, Longitude: -2.8968115


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Donnchad 5th Earl of Mar  1170Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26394 15sep 
2 Angus, Adam of  1140Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26393 15sep 
3 Angus, Dufugan  1123Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26423 15sep 
4 Angus, Gilbrigte de  1118Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26387 15sep 
5 Angus, William of  1158Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26396 15sep 
6 Atholl, Margaret Durward  1036Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26429 15sep 
7 Atholl, Margaret Verch Caradog  1068Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26408 15sep 
8 Bethune, Angus Ewan  1624Forfar, Angus, Scotland I35626 15sep 
9 Bethune, Anthony  Abt 1312Forfar, Angus, Scotland I34870 15sep 
10 Bethune, John  Abt 1308Forfar, Angus, Scotland I34866 15sep 
11 De Graham, Alan  1120Forfar, Angus, Scotland I30387 15sep 
12 de Graham, David I.  1176Forfar, Angus, Scotland I30395 15sep 
13 De Lundins, Malcolm  1065Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26404 15sep 
14 Duffagan, Dufugan Angus  1090Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26779 15sep 
15 Dunkeld Earl van Angus, Gilbert  1118Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26421 15sep 
16 Gille Crist, Gille Críst mac 4th Earl of Angus  1154Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26371 15sep 
17 Lindsay, Joneta  1355Forfar, Angus, Scotland I25975 15sep 
18 Lindsay, Margaret  1375Forfar, Angus, Scotland I19714 15sep 
19 Lyon, John 2nd of Glamis  1380Forfar, Angus, Scotland I36253 15sep 
20 mac Indrechtaich, Dufagan 1st Mormaer of Angus  1100Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26390 15sep 
21 MacGilleCrist, Bethoc Countess of Angus  1 Jan 1184Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26353 15sep 
22 Maxwell, Hugh  1415Forfar, Angus, Scotland I34828 15sep 
23 Milne, Marjorie Marie Margaret  10 Jun 1677Forfar, Angus, Scotland I33644 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Donnchad 5th Earl of Mar  1220Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26394 15sep 
2 Angus, Dufugan  1187Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26423 15sep 
3 Angus, Gilbrigte de  1187Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26387 15sep 
4 de Graham, David I.  1224Forfar, Angus, Scotland I30395 15sep 
5 Dunkeld Earl van Angus, Gilbert  15 Mar 1187Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26421 15sep 
6 Gille Crist, Gille Críst mac 4th Earl of Angus  11 Dec 1207Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26371 15sep 
7 Gospatrick of Dunbar, Margaret  Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26392 15sep 
8 Lyon, John 2nd of Glamis  1435Forfar, Angus, Scotland I36253 15sep 
9 MacGilleCrist, Bethoc Countess of Angus  1270Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26353 15sep 
10 Moray, Angus Mormaer of  1130Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26442 15sep 
11 of Huntingdon, Marjory  1213Forfar, Angus, Scotland I14150 15sep 
12 Sinclair, William Earl of Orkney and Caithness  1420Forfar, Angus, Scotland I34746 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Angus, Gilbrigte de  1187Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26387 15sep 
2 Gille Crist, Gille Críst mac 4th Earl of Angus  1207Forfar, Angus, Scotland I26371 15sep 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Angus / Gospatrick of Dunbar  1142Forfar, Angus, Scotland F11993 15sep 
2 de Graham / d'Aubigny  1165Forfar, Angus, Scotland F13514 15sep 
3 de Graham / de Faunes  Forfar, Angus, Scotland F13525 15sep 
4 de Londres / Atholl  1059Forfar, Angus, Scotland F12011 15sep 
5 Dunkeld Earl van Angus / Canmore  1151Forfar, Angus, Scotland F12008 15sep 
6 Falconer of / Erskine  1483Forfar, Angus, Scotland F14861 15sep 
7 Oliphant / Erskine  1339Forfar, Angus, Scotland F11812 15sep