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Herefordshire, England


Tree: 15sep

Latitude: 52.0833333, Longitude: -2.7500000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baxter, Margery  Abt 1430Herefordshire, England I33193 15sep 
2 Belmeis, Walter de  1072Herefordshire, England I29062 15sep 
3 Boyle, Roger  Abt 1477Herefordshire, England I40343 15sep 
4 Carpenter, James  1460Herefordshire, England I24961 15sep 
5 Clapa, Gytha Countess of Hereford  1024Herefordshire, England I23078 15sep 
6 de Bohun, Maud  1230Herefordshire, England I30254 15sep 
7 De Botetourt, Maud Matilda Baroness Grey  1315Herefordshire, England I22492 15sep 
8 de Lacy, Agnes  1076Herefordshire, England I22989 15sep 
9 de Mortimer, Mary  1260Herefordshire, England I20055 15sep 
10 Fitzjohn de Mayenne, Cecily  1120Herefordshire, England I28844 15sep 
11 Foote, John Robert  1527Herefordshire, England I21263 15sep 
12 Hackluyt, Leonard I  Abt 1360Herefordshire, England I40935 15sep 
13 Harley, Grace  Herefordshire, England I21011 15sep 
14 Harley, William  1470Herefordshire, England I21016 15sep 
15 Hereford, Reynold Of  1086Herefordshire, England I23203 15sep 
16 Howes, Joanne  1520Herefordshire, England I24862 15sep 
17 La Ebrois, Mary  1070Herefordshire, England I30290 15sep 
18 Lenthall, John  Abt 1500Herefordshire, England I33197 15sep 
19 Lenthall, Margaret  Abt 1500Herefordshire, England I33201 15sep 
20 Lenthall, Richard  Abt 1500Herefordshire, England I33203 15sep 
21 Scudamore, Sybill  1536Herefordshire, England I16940 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Joan  1240Herefordshire, England I22503 15sep 
2 Carpenter, William  1460Herefordshire, England I24997 15sep 
3 de Lacy, Agnes  1120Herefordshire, England I22989 15sep 
4 de Mortimer, Mary  1290Herefordshire, England I20055 15sep 
5 de Vesci, Aubreye  1177Herefordshire, England I29312 15sep 
6 Fields, John Jr.  1610Herefordshire, England I18701 15sep 
7 Fitzjohn de Mayenne, Cecily  1204Herefordshire, England I28844 15sep 
8 Foote, John Robert  15 Jul 1578Herefordshire, England I21263 15sep 
9 of Hereford, Margaret  6 Apr 1197Herefordshire, England I23009 15sep 
10 of Luxembourg, Richard  1461Herefordshire, England I17890 15sep 
11 Russell, Thomas  1414Herefordshire, England I24311 15sep 
12 Stone, John  8 Oct 1609Herefordshire, England I11594 15sep 
13 Touchet Baskerville, Elizabeth  1499Herefordshire, England I32724 15sep 
14 Walker, William III  Herefordshire, England I20370 15sep 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baskerville / Wolcott  Abt 1458Herefordshire, England F14463 15sep 
2 Boyle / Devereux  1440Herefordshire, England F7894 15sep 
3 Bruley / de Grey  1327Herefordshire, England F9751 15sep 
4 d'Evreux / La Ebrois  1090Herefordshire, England F13482 15sep 
5 De Braose / Mortimer  13 Sep 1337Herefordshire, England F10059 15sep 
6 de Burgh / Talbot  1105Herefordshire, England F10476 15sep 
7 de Fiennes-de Condé / de Brienne-de Chateaudun  1265Herefordshire, England F10104 15sep 
8 de Grey / de Longchamp  1252Herefordshire, England F10288 15sep 
9 de Longchamp / Talbot  1105Herefordshire, England F10475 15sep 
10 de Scudamore / Giffard  Bef 1143Herefordshire, England F6000000003051362060 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
11 de Tregoz / de Cantilupe  Abt 1246Herefordshire, England F6000000004287629108 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
12 Fields / Platt  1610Herefordshire, England F8581 15sep 
13 FitzMiles / Fitz Payn  Jun 1138Herefordshire, England F10556 15sep 
14 Rice / Myal  30 Aug 1546Herefordshire, England F7779 15sep 
15 Stone / Rogers  1593Herefordshire, England F5345 15sep 
16 Vaughn / Baskerville  1454Herefordshire, England F14458 15sep