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Northamptonshire, England


Tree: 15sep

Latitude: 52.2500000, Longitude: -0.8333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cicely  1443Northamptonshire, England I24202 15sep 
2 Elizabeth  15 Jan 1530Northamptonshire, England I24301 15sep 
3 Alderman, John  1550Northamptonshire, England I10869 15sep 
4 Andrews, Anthony  1439Northamptonshire, England I24108 15sep 
5 Andrews, Mary  1480Northamptonshire, England I23893 15sep 
6 Aubigny, Isabel de  Northamptonshire, England I21552 15sep 
7 Bardolf, Barbara  Northamptonshire, England I5712 15sep 
8 Bedlisgate, Elizabeth Joan  1390Northamptonshire, England I17644 15sep 
9 Belcher, William  1525Northamptonshire, England I21935 15sep 
10 Bird, Joan  1559Northamptonshire, England I11947 15sep 
11 Bird, Robert  1561Northamptonshire, England I12001 15sep 
12 Borlase, John  1414Northamptonshire, England I32998 15sep 
13 Burford  1180Northamptonshire, England I27963 15sep 
14 Clarell, Richard  12 Apr 1410Northamptonshire, England I24001 15sep 
15 Coles, Alice  1468Northamptonshire, England I24213 15sep 
16 Coles, George  1566Northamptonshire, England I12387 15sep 
17 Cortney, John  1115Northamptonshire, England I27975 15sep 
18 de Beauchamp, Mary  1374Northamptonshire, England I17854 15sep 
19 De Bedlisgate, John  1364Northamptonshire, England I17855 15sep 
20 de Cantelowe  1197Northamptonshire, England I27988 15sep 
21 De Clermont, Adeliza Countess de Vermandois  1058Northamptonshire, England I29085 15sep 
22 de Furnival, Loretta  1260Northamptonshire, England I29636 15sep 
23 de Lucy, Alice  1409Northamptonshire, England I24265 15sep 
24 DeVaux, Elizabeth  1464Northamptonshire, England I32745 15sep 
25 deVere, Baldwin  1449Northamptonshire, England I33157 15sep 
26 Faulkner, Thomas Francis  1535Northamptonshire, England I33930 15sep 
27 Flynte, Thomas  1551Northamptonshire, England I12377 15sep 
28 Gifford, Margaret  1532Northamptonshire, England I11021 15sep 
29 Greene, Maud  Apr 1492Northamptonshire, England I32744 15sep 
30 Harrington, Margaret  1416Northamptonshire, England I17821 15sep 
31 Harwedon, William  1398Northamptonshire, England I18190 15sep 
32 Isham, Anne  Bef 18 Feb 1582Northamptonshire, England I32378 15sep 
33 Isham, Anthony  Abt 1588Northamptonshire, England I32373 15sep 
34 Isham, Robert  Bef 1520Northamptonshire, England I32661 15sep 
35 John, Cofferer to King Henry VII Spencer Sir  Northamptonshire, England I21291 15sep 
36 Knightley, Reverend John  1504Northamptonshire, England I40288 15sep 
37 Montford, Alicia  1460Northamptonshire, England I17707 15sep 
38 Parkhurst, John M. P.  1643Northamptonshire, England I32258 15sep 
39 Pickering, John Knight  1584Northamptonshire, England I10247 15sep 
40 Sargent, Anne  1558Northamptonshire, England I11755 15sep 
41 Sargent, Daniel  20 Sep 1590Northamptonshire, England I11002 15sep 
42 Thurston, Anne  1355Northamptonshire, England I27822 15sep 
43 Vaux, Margaret  1402Northamptonshire, England I17996 15sep 
44 Vaux, Nicholas  1537Northamptonshire, England I32405 15sep 
45 Vaux, Nicolas II  Abt 1535Northamptonshire, England I32429 15sep 
46 Vaux, William I.  1380Northamptonshire, England I17956 15sep 
47 Wake, Elizabeth  1485Northamptonshire, England I20347 15sep 
48 Woodville, Edward  1454Northamptonshire, England I17663 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Belmeis, Adelicia de  1150Northamptonshire, England I29141 15sep 
2 Clavering, Eve de  Northamptonshire, England I25667 15sep 
3 Sargent, Daniel  20 Sep 1590Northamptonshire, England I11002 15sep 
4 Sargent, Sarah  20 Oct 1635Northamptonshire, England I10404 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 -  Northamptonshire, England I39730 15sep 
2 Hugh Count of Clermont Creil Mouchy  1101Northamptonshire, England I14691 15sep 
3 Andrews, Anne  11 Jan 1560Northamptonshire, England I23899 15sep 
4 Andrews, Anthony  Northamptonshire, England I23938 15sep 
5 Andrews, Emma  Northamptonshire, England I23949 15sep 
6 Andrews, James  Northamptonshire, England I24003 15sep 
7 Arundel, Catherine  7 Feb 1340Northamptonshire, England I29677 15sep 
8 Blount, Constance  23 Sep 1432Northamptonshire, England I20010 15sep 
9 Borlase, John  1472Northamptonshire, England I32998 15sep 
10 Bray, Reginald  Northamptonshire, England I32316 15sep 
11 Colcombe, Elizabeth  1455Northamptonshire, England I40381 15sep 
12 Cooper, Robert  1524Northamptonshire, England I24358 15sep 
13 De Bedlisgate, John  31 Dec 1438Northamptonshire, England I17855 15sep 
14 de Galloway, Roland  19 Dec 1200Northamptonshire, England I22590 15sep 
15 Drakelowe, Eleanor  1454Northamptonshire, England I17723 15sep 
16 Drayton, William Esq  2 de septiembre de 1465Northamptonshire, England I33100 15sep 
17 Foxe, Elizabeth  1535Northamptonshire, England I32755 15sep 
18 Gifford, John Henry  5 Dec 1538Northamptonshire, England I17362 15sep 
19 Harwedon, William  13 Jul 1439Northamptonshire, England I18190 15sep 
20 Hoo, Beatrice Agnes  1375Northamptonshire, England I25474 15sep 
21 Huddlesfield, Elizabeth  1535Northamptonshire, England I32747 15sep 
22 Isham, Elizabeth  26 Aug 1599Northamptonshire, England I32666 15sep 
23 Isham, Elizabeth  21 Jan 1603Northamptonshire, England I32663 15sep 
24 Knightley, Reverend John  8 Jan 1549Northamptonshire, England I40288 15sep 
25 Lucy, William de  10 Jul 1460Northamptonshire, England I23946 15sep 
26 Lyncoln, Elizabeth  1589Northamptonshire, England I24349 15sep 
27 MacUchtred, Lochlann of Galloway  19 Dec 1200Northamptonshire, England I22886 15sep 
28 Makerness, Ellen Eleanor  20 Oct 1645Northamptonshire, England I10344 15sep 
29 Pickering, John Knight  29 Jan 1627/8Northamptonshire, England I10247 15sep 
30 Sargent, Anne  1651Northamptonshire, England I11755 15sep 
31 Sargent, Daniel  9 Dec 1590Northamptonshire, England I11002 15sep 
32 Sargent, Dorothy  11 Apr 1678Northamptonshire, England I11012 15sep 
33 Sargent, Elizabeth  1680Northamptonshire, England I11007 15sep 
34 Sargent, Nicholas  Oct 1649Northamptonshire, England I11758 15sep 
35 Spencer, Anne Hely  1500Northamptonshire, England I19355 15sep 
36 Stafford, Humphrey 1st Duke of Buckingham  10 Jul 1460Northamptonshire, England I18163 15sep 
37 Tuttle, Elizabeth  1589Northamptonshire, England I24328 15sep 
38 Tuttle, Thomas  10 Nov 1554Northamptonshire, England I24335 15sep 
39 Vaux, Margaret  2 Oct 1486Northamptonshire, England I17996 15sep 
40 Vaux, Nicholas  1537Northamptonshire, England I32405 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrews, Mary  1548Northamptonshire, England I23893 15sep 
2 Beaumont, Margaret De  1235Northamptonshire, England I22529 15sep 
3 Blount, Constance  2 Oct 1432Northamptonshire, England I20010 15sep 
4 Sargent, Hugh Roger  1 Mar 1595/6Northamptonshire, England I11019 15sep 
5 Stafford, Humphrey 1st Duke of Buckingham  Northamptonshire, England I18163 15sep 
6 Tuttle, Richard  Mar 1589Northamptonshire, England I24300 15sep 
7 Tuttle, Thomas  14 Jun 1639Northamptonshire, England I24306 15sep 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Andrew / Coles  Northamptonshire, England F10997 15sep 
2 Andrews / Burford  1227Northamptonshire, England F12522 15sep 
3 Andrews / Cantelou  1193Northamptonshire, England F12575 15sep 
4 Andrews / Cortney  1162Northamptonshire, England F12580 15sep 
5 Andrews / Norton  1138Northamptonshire, England F12577 15sep 
6 Clarell / Whittingham  1445Northamptonshire, England F10924 15sep 
7 d'Aubigny / de Clare de Senlis  Abt 1140Northamptonshire, England F6000000000314956899 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
8 de Camville / de Lorraine  1115Northamptonshire, England F4307 15sep 
9 de Cauz /   1154Northamptonshire, England F10351 15sep 
10 de Leigh / Ruffus  1181Northamptonshire, England F10363 15sep 
11 FitzLewis / Beaufort  1462Northamptonshire, England F8829 15sep 
12 Greene / Throckmorton  1443Northamptonshire, England F8349 15sep 
13 Isham / de Vere  11 May 1485Northamptonshire, England F14369 15sep 
14 la Zouche / Longespée  1266Northamptonshire, England F13629 15sep 
15 Lincoln / Aubigny  1381Northamptonshire, England F9898 15sep 
16 Parr / Greene  1508Northamptonshire, England F14406 15sep 
17 Poulton / Lovet  1486Northamptonshire, England F14356 15sep 
18 Robinson / Gresley  Northamptonshire, England F11401 15sep 
19 Roper / Lewknor  1359Northamptonshire, England F2757 15sep 
20 Sparks / Andrews  1505Northamptonshire, England F10820 15sep 
21 Sprigg / Sargent  1614Northamptonshire, England F5459 15sep 
22 Tresham / Vaux  1434Northamptonshire, England F8335 15sep 
23 Tuttle / Matthews  15 Oct 1630Northamptonshire, England F1337 15sep