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Surrey, England


Tree: Joel

Latitude: 51.2622513, Longitude: -0.4672517


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABERNON, William D  1300Surrey, England I74515
2 ATWOOD, Alice  1579Surrey, England I53504
3 ATWOOD, Jacobus  1580Surrey, England I53501
4 ATWOOD, John Richard  Abt 1512Surrey, England I54259
5 BABB, Thomas Q  1530Surrey, England I72920
6 BELET, John II  1188Surrey, England I95494
7 BERDSLEY, Jone  1568Surrey, England I70949
8 BREWER, Robert  1120Surrey, England I51458
9 BRIDGER, Richard  Abt 1515Surrey, England I65324
10 CAREW ALIAS THROCKMORTON, Sir Nicholas  Est 1570Surrey, England I12807
11 COBHAM COBBEHAM, Mrs-Serlo De  Abt 1161Surrey, England I97553
12 DE ELLENBERGE, Sir John I  1409Surrey, England I65783
13 DE FAYE, Ralph  1154Surrey, England I60925
14 DE WARENNE, Isabel Countess of Surrey  1137Surrey, England I34974
15 DE WARENNE, Isabelle  1137Surrey, England I7519
16 DE WARENNE, Isabelle  1137Surrey, England I6340
17 DE WARENNE, Maud  1163Surrey, England I35461
18 DE WESTON, Adam  Bef 1205Surrey, England I49326
19 DEBRETTON, Isabella  1154Surrey, England I59190
20 ELMBRIDGE, John  Abt 1440Surrey, England I65655
21 GAMMON, Joane  Abt 1588Surrey, England I65386
22 GLOVER, Thomas of Godalming  Abt 1432Surrey, England I44740
23 HAMLET, Hester  1592Surrey, England I45573
24 IBROOK, Richard  1550Surrey, England I31316
25 LEIGH, Oliph  Abt 1440Surrey, England I66211
26 MEW, Elisaeus  1595Surrey, England I45558
27 MULLINS, Mrs. Ursula  Abt 1581Surrey, England I65384
28 NORTON, John  1348Surrey, England I55946
29 PARKHURST, Helen Ellen  1516Surrey, England I44629
30 PAYNE, Mary  1350Surrey, England I55942
31 PLANTAGENET, Isabel  1170Surrey, England I51081
32 PLANTAGENET, Maud  1163Surrey, England I7363
33 PLANTAGENET, Maud  1163Surrey, England I6187
34 PURCELL, Geoffrey  1123Surrey, England I62054
35 QUETCHE, Joane Jean  1378Surrey, England I55435
36 RINNING, Sarah  Abt 1585Surrey, England I65385
37 SURGEON, Katherine  1595Surrey, England I72573
38 URMSTON  Abt 1575Surrey, England I53804
39 WARENNE, Ela  Abt 1166Surrey, England I97852
40 WARENNE, William de 6th Earl of Warenne and Surrey  1166Surrey, England I33946
41 WARRENE, William  9 Feb 1256Surrey, England I17500
42 WEST, Aholiab  1555Surrey, England I31104
43 WOOD, Derrick  1583Surrey, England I53494


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BABBS, Nicholas  4 Oct 1550Surrey, England I44630
2 BREWER, Robert  1164Surrey, England I51458
3 BRIDGER, Joane  1585Surrey, England I65239
4 CALDECOTE, Richard  1410Surrey, England I55944
5 DE BRETTON, Isabella  Surrey, England I59191
6 DE COBHAM, Serlo  1207Surrey, England I97552
7 DE LUSIGNAN, Hugh X  1246Surrey, England I7425
8 DE LUSIGNAN, Hugh X  1246Surrey, England I6249
9 DEBRETTON, Isabella  Surrey, England I59190
10 GALLOWAY, Jane  1629Surrey, England I54133
11 GLOUCESTER, Margaret Declare of  16 Sep 1313Surrey, England I38307
12 GREENE, Joan  1401Surrey, England I33144
13 MOYNS, Eleanor  CA 1504Surrey, England I66216
14 NORTON, Joane Jean  1440Surrey, England I54908
15 NORTON, John  1379Surrey, England I55946
16 PLANTAGENET, Isabel  30 Nov 1234Surrey, England I51081
17 PURCELL, Oyn  1136Surrey, England I61438
18 SKYNNER, Mrs Sarah  Surrey, England I56442
19 TAYOR, Lady Sara Jane  Abt 1454Surrey, England I65784
20 WEST, Aholiab  1600Surrey, England I31104
21 WHITERENT, Edward  Abt 1600Surrey, England I82420


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ATWOOD, Nicholas  Jun 1602Surrey, England I53491
2 HARMAN, James  28 Dec 1581Surrey, England I53508
3 SKINNER, George  1350Surrey, England I56925


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Browne / Fitzalan  5 Jun 1365Surrey, England F9334
2 de Cobham / COBHAM COBBEHAM  Abt 1187Surrey, England F51441
3 de Grey / Cobham  Apr 1358Surrey, England F10719
4 de Northwode / Gatton  Abt 1307Surrey, England F23199
5 DeFranceis / de Bretton  1169Surrey, England F30095
6 Elmbridge / Jamys  Abt 1465Surrey, England F34133
7 Etton / Titsey  Abt 1268Surrey, England F38225
8 Etton / Titsey  Abt 1268Surrey, England F38229
9 Etton / Titsey  Abt 1268Surrey, England F38270
10 Glover / Lamm  Abt 1453Surrey, England F23028
11 Mullins / Mullins  Abt 1608Surrey, England F34007
12 Thomas / Carfinkle  1521Surrey, England F43814
13 Weston / de Boville  Abt 1300Surrey, England F25380