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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christiana  Yorkshire, England I29574 15sep 
2 Elizabeth  1334Yorkshire, England I24747 15sep 
3 Maud  1554Yorkshire, England I19542 15sep 
4 Andrewes, Thomas  1378Yorkshire, England I27837 15sep 
5 Andrews, Anthony  1340Yorkshire, England I27824 15sep 
6 Bardolf, Thomas  1315Yorkshire, England I25535 15sep 
7 Barnes, Richard  1541Yorkshire, England I23709 15sep 
8 Barstowe, Richard  1520Yorkshire, England I10915 15sep 
9 Beckwith, Wiliam  1374Yorkshire, England I33480 15sep 
10 Belcher, Ralph  1360Yorkshire, England I22030 15sep 
11 Belcher, Thomas  1380Yorkshire, England I22024 15sep 
12 Bell, John I.  1460Yorkshire, England I19112 15sep 
13 Bell, Jonathan  1746Yorkshire, England I35174 15sep 
14 Blunt  Yorkshire, England I24035 15sep 
15 Bosvile, Catharina  1220Yorkshire, England I29634 15sep 
16 Bradeen, Sarah Huldah  2 Jul 1311Yorkshire, England I21163 15sep 
17 Brereton, Catherine  1460Yorkshire, England I21300 15sep 
18 Broome, Mary  1400Yorkshire, England I27855 15sep 
19 Brown, Ann  1737Yorkshire, England I8668 15sep 
20 Burdet, Alveray  Yorkshire, England I19445 15sep 
21 Butler, Isabella  1423Yorkshire, England I17719 15sep 
22 Calthorpe, Eustace  1255Yorkshire, England I21500 15sep 
23 Calthorpe, John  1230Yorkshire, England I21546 15sep 
24 Chicheley, Florence  1384Yorkshire, England I17804 15sep 
25 Clavering, Eustace  1042Yorkshire, England I29229 15sep 
26 Cleasby, Asculph  Bef 1087Yorkshire, England I43481 15sep 
27 Clifford, Margaret  1339Yorkshire, England I21776 15sep 
28 Clotheram, Emma de  1275Yorkshire, England I24471 15sep 
29 Constable, Elizabeth  1566Yorkshire, England I11665 15sep 
30 Conyers, Roger  1309Yorkshire, England I20626 15sep 
31 Craven, Elizabeth  1815Yorkshire, England I8644 15sep 
32 Davidson, Agnes  1440Yorkshire, England I20480 15sep 
33 Davison, Agnes  1430Yorkshire, England I20483 15sep 
34 de Banewell, John  1265Yorkshire, England I21815 15sep 
35 de Bulmer, Bertram (Bertrand) Lord of Brancepeth, High Sheriff of Yorkshire  1109Yorkshire, England I6000000005739136941 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
36 de Colville, William  1314Yorkshire, England I20438 15sep 
37 De Furnival, Gerard III  1175Yorkshire, England I29669 15sep 
38 de Gisburn, John Mayor of York  1336Yorkshire, England I24445 15sep 
39 de Lacy, Alice  1190Yorkshire, England I30772 15sep 
40 De Lascelles, Simon  1148Yorkshire, England I43475 15sep 
41 de Lucy, Reynold  Abt 1137Yorkshire, England I36197 15sep 
42 De Mauduit, Elizabeth  1310Yorkshire, England I25629 15sep 
43 de Morrow, George  1423Yorkshire, England I17716 15sep 
44 De Ros, Herbert  1234Yorkshire, England I35925 15sep 
45 de Sutton, Joan  1274Yorkshire, England I20641 15sep 
46 de Sutton, William  1272Yorkshire, England I20640 15sep 
47 De Taillebois, Ivo  1022Yorkshire, England I4675 15sep 
48 de Tixell, Isabel  1327Yorkshire, England I19690 15sep 
49 de Vesci, Aubreye  1102Yorkshire, England I29312 15sep 
50 De Waterton, Robert I.  1350Yorkshire, England I21900 15sep 
51 de Wells, Margaret  1350Yorkshire, England I24613 15sep 
52 deRos, Joan  1309Yorkshire, England I20670 15sep 
53 Dighton, John  1432Yorkshire, England I24152 15sep 
54 Dighton, William  1430Yorkshire, England I23953 15sep 
55 Dyghton, Robert de  1450Yorkshire, England I24017 15sep 
56 Erghom, Elizabeth  1235Yorkshire, England I21505 15sep 
57 Felton, Eleanor  1328Yorkshire, England I21627 15sep 
58 Field, Thomas  Yorkshire, England I18885 15sep 
59 Fitz Stephen, Ralph  1138Yorkshire, England I22944 15sep 
60 Fitzrichard, Mary  Abt 1156Yorkshire, England I30781 15sep 
61 Foliot, Richard  5 Mar 1214Yorkshire, England I29042 15sep 
62 Frankish, James  1505Yorkshire, England I19365 15sep 
63 Freeman, Henrietta  1700Yorkshire, England I32143 15sep 
64 Gilford, Benjamin  1290Yorkshire, England I21229 15sep 
65 Gilford, George  Oct 1315Yorkshire, England I21160 15sep 
66 Gisburn, Ellen  1338Yorkshire, England I24433 15sep 
67 Gresley, Christian Anderson  1468Yorkshire, England I25080 15sep 
68 Grosse, Edith le  1126Yorkshire, England I28493 15sep 
69 Heblethwayte, Charles  20 Aug 1660Yorkshire, England I32054 15sep 
70 Hodgett, Preston  1500Yorkshire, England I25022 15sep 
71 Hodgetts, William Preston  1525Yorkshire, England I25015 15sep 
72 Hudson, Ann  1775Yorkshire, England I8656 15sep 
73 James, Annah Catherine  1452Yorkshire, England I18074 15sep 
74 Johnson, Anne  1365Yorkshire, England I27857 15sep 
75 Lamb, Anthony  1776Yorkshire, England I8659 15sep 
76 Lamb, Mary  9 Sep 1764Yorkshire, England I8647 15sep 
77 Lamb, Richard  18 Oct 1772Yorkshire, England I8663 15sep 
78 Lamb, Thomas  5 Mar 1761Yorkshire, England I8654 15sep 
79 Lamb, William  1 Dec 1766Yorkshire, England I8651 15sep 
80 Lowthropp, Elizabeth  1549Yorkshire, England I19486 15sep 
81 MacHeth, Malcolm  Yorkshire, England I26813 15sep 
82 Markham, Anne  1380Yorkshire, England I27845 15sep 
83 Marrow, Isabelle  1453Yorkshire, England I17538 15sep 
84 Mauleverer, Alice  1399Yorkshire, England I20363 15sep 
85 Melton, Anthony  1417Yorkshire, England I21504 15sep 
86 Morton, Marjorie  1444Yorkshire, England I19966 15sep 
87 Mosely, Eleanor  1360Yorkshire, England I20397 15sep 
88 Mounteney, Constance  1360Yorkshire, England I29581 15sep 
89 Musard, Hugh  2nd sonYorkshire, England I43496 15sep 
90 Neville, Jane  1430Yorkshire, England I19441 15sep 
91 NN, NN  Abt 1109Yorkshire, England I6000000003243472353 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
92 Norton, Margaret  1305Yorkshire, England I20625 15sep 
93 Norton, Richard Chief Justice of the Pleas  1360Yorkshire, England I20474 15sep 
94 of Aynnesley, Thomas  1220Yorkshire, England I29642 15sep 
95 of Yorkshire, Isabella  1375Yorkshire, England I24276 15sep 
96 Patterdale  1413Yorkshire, England I17705 15sep 
97 Patterdale, Roger  1473Yorkshire, England I17356 15sep 
98 Patterdale, Thomas  1443Yorkshire, England I17535 15sep 
99 Pearsall  1504Yorkshire, England I25019 15sep 
100 Percy, Elizabeth  1480Yorkshire, England I19183 15sep 
101 Percy, Ralph  1451Yorkshire, England I17805 15sep 
102 Pickering, Gilbert  1560Yorkshire, England I10878 15sep 
103 Pigot, Geoffrey  1373Yorkshire, England I24380 15sep 
104 Pigot, Joan  1431Yorkshire, England I24377 15sep 
105 Pigott, Richard  1401Yorkshire, England I24408 15sep 
106 Plantagenet, Joanna  Sep 1191Yorkshire, England I28252 15sep 
107 Plumpton, Margaret  1324Yorkshire, England I24736 15sep 
108 Plumpton, Robert  Yorkshire, England I24618 15sep 
109 Quinton, Herbert de  1064Yorkshire, England I37023 15sep 
110 Rhodes, Ralph  1549Yorkshire, England I11746 15sep 
111 Richmond, John  1325Yorkshire, England I24742 15sep 
112 Rykenildthorpe, Matilda de  1272Yorkshire, England I29587 15sep 
113 Saint Liz, Isabella  1355Yorkshire, England I24165 15sep 
114 Saint Quintin, Mary  Yorkshire, England I32097 15sep 
115 Sampson, Constantia  1275Yorkshire, England I20688 15sep 
116 Say, Ann  1469Yorkshire, England I24044 15sep 
117 Seymore, Mary  1470Yorkshire, England I17360 15sep 
118 Sezevaux,, Henry Mayor of York  1210Yorkshire, England I21710 15sep 
119 Singleton, John  1806Yorkshire, England I8619 15sep 
120 Spencer, Margaret  1575Yorkshire, England I12470 15sep 
121 St Philibert, Alice  1330Yorkshire, England I25661 15sep 
122 stanley, margaret  1330Yorkshire, England I24507 15sep 
123 Stourton, Rose  1135Yorkshire, England I29461 15sep 
124 Swale, William de  Yorkshire, England I24508 15sep 
125 Thoredson, Æthelstan  972Yorkshire, England I16082 15sep 
126 Ufford, Cicely Ela  1361Yorkshire, England I25205 15sep 
127 Vandernonce, Bridget  1350Yorkshire, England I27882 15sep 
128 Wade, Alice  1490Yorkshire, England I19581 15sep 
129 Waterton, Elizabeth  1465Yorkshire, England I24156 15sep 
130 Westwick, Arthur  Yorkshire, England I29693 15sep 
131 Westwick, Serlo  1163Yorkshire, England I29695 15sep 


Matches 1 to 92 of 92

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sara  1500Yorkshire, England I21395 15sep 
2 (Burgh?), Ellis Philip  by 1166-89Yorkshire, England I43486 15sep 
3 Aelfgarson, Wulfred  829Yorkshire, England I16051 15sep 
4 Babthorpe, Robert  26 Mar 1466Yorkshire, England I19428 15sep 
5 Baker, Martha  19 Dec 1654Yorkshire, England I13159 15sep 
6 Barlow, John  1388Yorkshire, England I20468 15sep 
7 Barstowe, Richard  8 Oct 1565Yorkshire, England I10915 15sep 
8 Belcher, Ralph  1380Yorkshire, England I22030 15sep 
9 Bell, John I.  1500Yorkshire, England I19112 15sep 
10 Bell, William F. Sr  1513Yorkshire, England I18742 15sep 
11 Biornsson, Siward Earl Of Northumberland  1055Yorkshire, England I412 15sep 
12 Bois, Eleanor  1450Yorkshire, England I17708 15sep 
13 Bowett, Margaret  1469Yorkshire, England I25130 15sep 
14 Bradeen, Sarah Huldah  22 Oct 1366Yorkshire, England I21163 15sep 
15 Brockett, Lyonell Howell  Yorkshire, England I19168 15sep 
16 Brockett, Roger  1496Yorkshire, England I19058 15sep 
17 Calthorpe, John  1280Yorkshire, England I21546 15sep 
18 Clarell, Thomas I. Esquire  1 May 1442Yorkshire, England I24126 15sep 
19 Clifford, Alice  1430Yorkshire, England I21779 15sep 
20 Clifford, Isabel  1336Yorkshire, England I21875 15sep 
21 Conyers, Roger  1360Yorkshire, England I20626 15sep 
22 Darcy, Margaret  1383Yorkshire, England I19169 15sep 
23 Davidson, Agnes  1525Yorkshire, England I20480 15sep 
24 De Alselyn, Elizabeth  1161Yorkshire, England I22970 15sep 
25 de Clifford, Roger 2nd Baron Clifford  23 Mar 1322Yorkshire, England I21878 15sep 
26 de Colville, William  1376Yorkshire, England I20438 15sep 
27 de Dunbar, John 1st Earl of Moray  15 Feb 1391Yorkshire, England I19820 15sep 
28 De Grey, Maude Anna  6 Aug 1488Yorkshire, England I20365 15sep 
29 De Lacy, John I.  Yorkshire, England I23003 15sep 
30 De Lindsay, Phillip  1350Yorkshire, England I26026 15sep 
31 de Morrow, George  1501Yorkshire, England I17716 15sep 
32 De Newmarche, Roger  1350Yorkshire, England I24573 15sep 
33 de Reviers, Baldwin 6th Earl of Devon  15 Feb 1245Yorkshire, England I22616 15sep 
34 De Ros, Herbert  Jun 1285Yorkshire, England I35925 15sep 
35 de Ros, John  16 Nov 1338Yorkshire, England I20671 15sep 
36 de Scrope, Elizabeth  8 Mar 1460Yorkshire, England I24125 15sep 
37 de Stapleton, John  9 Jun 1455Yorkshire, England I25299 15sep 
38 de Waterton, John  1337Yorkshire, England I42400 15sep 
39 De Waterton, John  1424Yorkshire, England I24575 15sep 
40 Depercy, Margaret  Yorkshire, England I23240 15sep 
41 DeRos, Gilbert  1176Yorkshire, England I22949 15sep 
42 Dodd, Thomas Walter Francis  1831Yorkshire, England I32136 15sep 
43 Durward, Anne  30 Sep 1328Yorkshire, England I22540 15sep 
44 Easton, Ernest David  Yorkshire, England I12090 15sep 
45 Fenwick, George  Oct 1617Yorkshire, England I10533 15sep 
46 Field, Thomas  Yorkshire, England I18885 15sep 
47 FitzRoald, Ismania  Yorkshire, England I43457 15sep 
48 Gascoigne, Agnes Anne  1568Yorkshire, England I23864 15sep 
49 Gilford, George  Jun 1375Yorkshire, England I21160 15sep 
50 Hebblethwaite, Thomas MP  21 Jun 1668Yorkshire, England I32089 15sep 
51 Hodgson, Robert  1590Yorkshire, England I19491 15sep 
52 Holand, Isabel  1332Yorkshire, England I40865 15sep 
53 Hornby, Margaret  1408Yorkshire, England I24505 15sep 
54 Horsley, Richard Jr  Yorkshire, England I18048 15sep 
55 Hussey, Elizabeth  1542Yorkshire, England I18886 15sep 
56 Hymscliffe, John  1480Yorkshire, England I24043 15sep 
57 Ireland, Thomas  1382Yorkshire, England I24729 15sep 
58 James, Annah Catherine  22 May 1512Yorkshire, England I18074 15sep 
59 James de Percy, Annah  1572Yorkshire, England I19050 15sep 
60 Jannett, Frances  Yorkshire, England I18743 15sep 
61 Lamb, Thomas  11 Apr 1762Yorkshire, England I8654 15sep 
62 Lamb, William  27 May 1877Yorkshire, England I8640 15sep 
63 Lascelles, Picot de  1118Yorkshire, England I43471 15sep 
64 Le Scrope, Geoffrey  13 Nov 1340Yorkshire, England I26280 15sep 
65 Margaret  Yorkshire, England I20674 15sep 
66 Marmion, John II  30 Apr 1335Yorkshire, England I20157 15sep 
67 Marrow, Isabelle  1500Yorkshire, England I17538 15sep 
68 Marwood, Barbara  1679Yorkshire, England I32154 15sep 
69 Mauleverer, Henry  Yorkshire, England I20415 15sep 
70 Mauleverer, Nicholas  1470Yorkshire, England I20426 15sep 
71 Meinill, Elizabeth de  9 Jul 1368Yorkshire, England I20451 15sep 
72 Mowbray, John de  23 Mar 1322Yorkshire, England I24739 15sep 
73 Neville, Alice  22 Nov 1503Yorkshire, England I17672 15sep 
74 Neville, Jane  Yorkshire, England I20527 15sep 
75 Neville, Katherine de 2nd Duchess of Norfolk  1483Yorkshire, England I17186 15sep 
76 Norton, Jane (Hewick Sommerville)  1460Yorkshire, England I20554 15sep 
77 Norton, John  4 Dec 1489Yorkshire, England I20407 15sep 
78 Patterdale  1443Yorkshire, England I17705 15sep 
79 Patterdale, Roger  1529Yorkshire, England I17356 15sep 
80 Patterdale, Thomas  1499Yorkshire, England I17535 15sep 
81 Pearsall  1574Yorkshire, England I25019 15sep 
82 Percy, Richard I.  1553Yorkshire, England I19196 15sep 
83 Pigot, Geoffrey I.  1290Yorkshire, England I24555 15sep 
84 Plumpton, Jane  1407Yorkshire, England I24437 15sep 
85 Scrope, Richard I, 1st Baron Scrope  30 May 1403Yorkshire, England I20046 15sep 
86 Seymore, Mary  1533Yorkshire, England I17360 15sep 
87 St Philibert, Alice  21 Dec 1384Yorkshire, England I25661 15sep 
88 Sywardby, Margaret  17 Dec 1485Yorkshire, England I24401 15sep 
89 Tempest, Isabel  26 Sep 1438Yorkshire, England I20605 15sep 
90 Tempest, Margaret  15 May 1442Yorkshire, England I20681 15sep 
91 Thornton, Elizabeth  1508Yorkshire, England I18289 15sep 
92 Westwick, Serlo  Yorkshire, England I29695 15sep 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aelfgarson, Wulfred  829Yorkshire, England I16051 15sep 
2 Burdet, Alveray  Yorkshire, England I19445 15sep 
3 de Tempest, William I. of Studley  1444Yorkshire, England I20478 15sep 
4 de Wells, Margaret  Jun 1422Yorkshire, England I24613 15sep 
5 Grey, Walter de Lord Chancellor of England, Archbishop of York  1255Yorkshire, England I22606 15sep 
6 Percy, Richard I.  1553Yorkshire, England I19196 15sep 
7 Skinner, Anne  4 Jun 1637Yorkshire, England I11619 15sep 
8 Stapleton, Jane  Yorkshire, England I25338 15sep 
9 Sywardby, Margaret  Yorkshire, England I24401 15sep 
10 Yorke, Richard  Oct 1528Yorkshire, England I19420 15sep 


Matches 1 to 57 of 57

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / De Newmarche  1325Yorkshire, England F17664 15sep 
2 / De Saint Sauverur  999Yorkshire, England F4402 15sep 
3 Andrews / Johnson  1386Yorkshire, England F12514 15sep 
4 Arthington / Norton  1425Yorkshire, England F9476 15sep 
5 Atterne / Andrews  Yorkshire, England F12520 15sep 
6 Barlow / Langford  1365Yorkshire, England F9441 15sep 
7 Biset / FitzWilliam FitzDuncan De Burgo  1128Yorkshire, England F13094 15sep 
8 Bosville / Furnival  1278Yorkshire, England F13223 15sep 
9 Bosville / Gunthwaite  1330Yorkshire, England F13214 15sep 
10 Bosville / Rykenildthorpe  1300Yorkshire, England F13221 15sep 
11 Clifford / Percy  1536Yorkshire, England F8784 15sep 
12 Darcy / Holland  1338Yorkshire, England F20066 15sep 
13 Darcy / Meinill  1338Yorkshire, England F9429 15sep 
14 De Baildon / Plumpton  1393Yorkshire, England F11153 15sep 
15 de la Pole / Wingfield  1361Yorkshire, England F11472 15sep 
16 De Lacy / De Perche  1093Yorkshire, England F13121 15sep 
17 de LaRoche / Morville  1154Yorkshire, England F10492 15sep 
18 De Lisours / D'Auberville  1096Yorkshire, England F13116 15sep 
19 De Newmarche /   1300Yorkshire, England F11190 15sep 
20 de Percy / de Clifford  1323Yorkshire, England F10044 15sep 
21 de Ros / de Vaux  1285Yorkshire, England F9499 15sep 
22 de Stapleton / Norton  1431Yorkshire, England F11524 15sep 
23 de Sutton / Sampson  27 Aug 1294Yorkshire, England F9515 15sep 
24 Dighton / Le Scrope  1429Yorkshire, England F10953 15sep 
25 Dighton / Metham  1405Yorkshire, England F11007 15sep 
26 Dighton / Mirfield  1449Yorkshire, England F10928 15sep 
27 Dyghton / Waterton  1482Yorkshire, England F10957 15sep 
28 Edlington / Morville  1151Yorkshire, England F10494 15sep 
29 Fielding / Colville  1359Yorkshire, England F9472 15sep 
30 Fitz William / Reresby  1314Yorkshire, England F9977 15sep 
31 Gunthwaite /   1309Yorkshire, England F13217 15sep 
32 Horne / Morton  1459Yorkshire, England F9177 15sep 
33 Lamb / Brown  1760Yorkshire, England F4273 15sep 
34 Lamb / Girbow  1843Yorkshire, England F4275 15sep 
35 Lamb / Vokes  19 Feb 1832Yorkshire, England F4262 15sep 
36 le Vavasour / NN  1135Yorkshire, England F6000000003243839783 Ancestors of Donald Ross 
37 Leventhorpe / Hungerford  Abt 1475Yorkshire, England F14610 15sep 
38 Markenfield / gascoigne  1385Yorkshire, England F9988 15sep 
39 Mauleverer / Barlow  1378Yorkshire, England F9415 15sep 
40 Mauleverer / Colville  1397Yorkshire, England F9401 15sep 
41 Mauleverer / Margaret  Yorkshire, England F9506 15sep 
42 Mauleverer / Oughtred  1359Yorkshire, England F9505 15sep 
43 Mauleverer / Tempest  1430Yorkshire, England F9414 15sep 
44 Norton /   6 Apr 1451Yorkshire, England F17473 15sep 
45 Norton / Pigot  6 Apr 1451Yorkshire, England F9405 15sep 
46 Percy / James de Percy  1531Yorkshire, England F8783 15sep 
47 Percy Pearce / James  1475Yorkshire, England F8238 15sep 
48 Pigot / De Plumpton  1424Yorkshire, England F11093 15sep 
49 Plumpton / Gisburn  1381Yorkshire, England F11111 15sep 
50 Pole / Norwich  1332Yorkshire, England F11471 15sep 
51 St Amand / le Despenser  1310Yorkshire, England F9968 15sep 
52 Stapleton / St Philibert  1354Yorkshire, England F11632 15sep 
53 Thornton / Andrews  Yorkshire, England F12524 15sep 
54 Walker / Maxwell-Barclay  1508Yorkshire, England F9384 15sep 
55 Wood / Pollard  1418Yorkshire, England F13650 15sep 
56 Wright / Thompson  1489Yorkshire, England F8229 15sep 
57 Wytham / Walshe  1390Yorkshire, England F11599 15sep